Sessions Company was founded in 1917. Mr. H.M. Sessions, who moved to Enterprise, Alabama from nearby Ozark, Alabama in the early 1900's, was in the business of "farm furnishing." When the Boll Weevil insect continually devastated the cotton crop, farmers and agribusinessmen began to look for alternative crops. Through the combination of efforts of several people, the peanut was planted in Coffee County, Alabama. In 1917 Mr. Sessions installed a peanut sheller in the rear of the mule buying facilitiy located on College Street in Enterprise.

Mr. Sessions and his two sons, Lewe Sessions and John Sessions, later began the business of buying and processing other peanut products, notably peanut butter and refined peanut oil. In 1932 the Sessions brothers formed Sessions Company, Inc., whose primary business was the manufacture and sale of peanut butter. In 1948 Sessions Company began the business of crushing peanut oil.

Today, Sessions is a major employer in Enteprise and the Wiregrass area of Alabama. Sessions ships shelled peanuts, crude peanut oil, and other peanut products throughout the United States and to other countries.